2022-2023 River Ridge Board of Directors (click to email):

Nancy Johns, President, 304-947-7618 or 240-401-4207

Patty Widerman, Secretary, 301-775-0041

Devon Hill, Nominations, 202-406-0292

Ken Hohl, Treasurer – 240-401-3396

Bill Snitcher, Communications, 410-599-8346

Bruce D’Agostino, Architecture, 301-461-3051 (cell)

Daniel Jacoby, Environmental, 443-756-7377

Larry Scriggins, Long Range Planning – 304-947-7272

Lisa Ellis, Community Liaison – 202-288-7655

You are welcome to contact any board member to express your needs, desires, or views. Please consult your River Ridge Review or your River Ridge address list for the phone numbers and email addresses of each board member.

River Ridge Board of Directors meeting dates:

August 13, 2022 , October 15, 2022, December 10, 2022, February 25, 2023 (originally scheduled for February 11, 2023) & April 8, 2023

Meetings begin at 10 am. Owners are encouraged to attend. If you can’t attend, you can communicate your views to any Board member prior to the meeting. Your participation is essential for the Board to make informed decisions on your behalf.